We need to publish your weird shit, your uncanny valleys, the fiction that doesn’t fit in ✦

Diachroneity Books seeks novels, short story collections, novels-in-flash, encyclopedias (lol), and fresh translations of the above. Currently, we’re working with prose only (no poetry (◕︵◕)).

Right now, we’re focusing on digital release.

What we want: Oddness. Stream of consciousness. Weird, but beautiful. Genre, but literary. Just a liiiiittle left of centre. Biting humour, biting commentary, and biting humour-as-commentary. Eighteen layers of sorta confusing metaphor. Make us (and you) feel uncomfortable, unsettled, unsure. Or astound us. Ideally both.

If you think other places would publish your manuscript and sell mad stacks, it’s probably not for Diachro.

What we don’t want: The mainstream. -isms or -phobias. Easy reading. Cool kids.

If you’ve been knocked back for being “too much,” hi.

Also, we aim to be, like, nice and thoughtful and understanding human beings. So if we’re thinking about doing this thing together (i.e., literary birthing), we kindly request that you be nice and thoughtful and understanding too.

Teamwork makes the dreamwork, y’know?

The technical stuff

Submissions are open Jan 15–Apr 15, 2024.

Please stick the following requests into a single editable document (.doc(x), .odt, etc.) and email:

Subject line: SUBMISSION: [Working Title], [Your Name]

Please allow minimum three months for a response.

If you have a completed or near-completed manuscript, please send us:

1. A letter of introduction containing:
- A brief outline (max. 1 page)
- Your best elevator pitch (max. two sentences)
- A bio of your good self (optional; max. 200 words)
- Tell us what makes your manuscript “weird,” “niche,” or “uncanny” and “unplaceable” elsewhere (max. 200 words)
2. The first chapter of your manuscript
3. The best/most outstanding/exciting/weirdest chapter of your manuscript 

(If your manuscript doesn’t have chapters, please contact us for instructions customized just for you, baybeh!)

If you have an idea for a prose fiction work you want to develop with us, please:

1. Send a letter of introduction containing:
- A brief outline of your idea (max. 1 page)
- A bio of your good self (optional; max. 200 words)
2. Convince us that you’ll be able to pull this thing off (max. 1 page)
3. Convince us that Diachroneity Books is the best partner to help you pull this thing off (max. 200 words)